The IK Multimedia UNO Drum Machine is a powerful new drum machine for the masses

The little guys have been making big waves in recent years. Behringer has cloned just about every synth and pedal we’ve ever fallen in love with. Companies like Lewitt and Warm Audio have brought professional recording quality to an affordable price. IK Multimedia is a company known for basic devices like the iRig, a simple guitar interface. Aside from its small selection of guitar recording hardware, IK has been a champion in the amp modeling world. It would have been nearly impossible for the market to expect the release of the iLoud Micro Monitors or the UNO analog polyphonic synth, as these devices are far outside IK’s presumed comfort zone. For what it’s worth, the iLouds were my go to B monitor at home for several months and I still carry around the UNO for on the go synthesis.

With their earlier forays into the greater world of home recording, IK Multimedia has shown that they are capable of creating high quality gear at an affordable price in a small package. That’s why home recordists the world over should rejoice at the announcement of the IK Multimedia UNO Drum Machine. In a world where quantity of products takes more focus than the quality of an individual item, the latest IK gear has proven to be stellar. The new UNO Drum Machine promises to deliver the same quality and affordability as its predecessors.

The UNO Drum machine will combine the power of 6 analog drum engines with the flexibility of pulse code modulation to open up a wide variety of timbral flavors. The UNO will allow use of any combination of the 56 PCM and six analog sounds, up to 12 at a time. It will also come loaded with 100 preset drum machines for quick inspiration and starting points for customized sounds. Once a kit is built, users have the freedom to change key parameters to truly shape their tone. The UNO Drum machine will be outfitted with a 64-step sequencer and 12 touch sensitive pads to control the playback of the sounds. As if this weren’t enough control, IK has decided to include MIDI functionality too. The UNO sends and receives MIDI over USB or 1/8″ MIDI, allowing it to be used seamlessly with a DAW or with outboard MIDI capable devices.

The UNO’s MIDI capabilities make it a great device for live performance and studio use, but it shines as a portable instrument. With a weight of only about 14oz and an 1/8″ headphone output, the UNO drum machine is stellar for creatives on the go. It will even allow simple integration with the UNO synth.

Where IK Multimedia will go next is a big question, but one thing is for sure: The UNO Drum Machine is cause for excitement. At a price point of $250, it’s perfect for those on a budget, anyone looking to expand their drum machine pallet, and those looking to take a rhythm device on the road. You can get the IK Multimedia UNO Drum Machine for yourself using the links below.

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