IK Multimedia launches Axe I/O, a quality guitar audio interface at a price anyone can afford

Typically, when new interfaces are announced, they appeal mostly to those in pro audio such as producers and engineers. This, in turn, can leave a lot of users in the dark on a lot of the features, especially if they are not as well versed in audio tech as others might be. Now, just one week ahead of NAMM 2019, IK Multimedia is turning that idea completely on its head by offering a brand new audio interface that is as accessible to the average guitar player as it is to those engineers — enter the IK Multimedia Axe I/O interface.


The all new Axe I/O recording interface from IK Multimedia includes both tech features that can be appreciated by recording engineers just as much as a tonal output that can be appreciated by the guitar player who is performing through it. It supports up to a 24 bit/192 kHz signal, which absolutely lives up to the standards of modern recording.

Input wise, the Axe I/O has 2 mic/line inputs which can be accessed from the back or front, each with their own gain controls, as well as 1 MIDI input on the back-end as well. On the front face of the unit, the Axe I/O also includes a ‘Z-Tone’ tone shaping control section, a preset selector, and a digital LED tuner and note display paired together. This is a great feature that we strongly believe a lot of other typical audio interfaces on the market could benefit from.

On the output end, IK Multimedia included not 1, not 2, but 5 line outputs for users to route more signal to just about any place they may choose, which includes a headphone output as well. Its monitor pot allows users to mix whether they are listening to the direct input signal, the output signal, or anything in between the two. This new interface from IK Multimedia runs off of USB 2.0, which is a little disappointing given the amount of interfaces these days that have been embracing 3.0 technology — however it’s not a fatal blow, given the other amazing features it provides to both engineers and guitar players, all wrapped up in what seems to be a great tone.

Availability & Price

IK Multimedia was very strategic in the teasing and release of its Axe I/O interface, given the fact that we are now just 1 more week away from NAMM 2019. This gives potential buyers just enough of a heads up on the device so that they have enough information to go off of, in case they want to buy one right away, before the flood of numerous other products hit the news and shelves next weekend. Right now, the IK Multimedia Axe I/O interface is available at just $349, and to learn more information, look no further than the official IK Multimedia website. Of course, if you’ve learned enough and have decided to buy one for yourself, be sure to let us know what you think!