Presonus Sphere is the music production service you didn’t know you needed

Looking for an all-in-one music production suite? Presonus Sphere is absolutely worth considering.

Hana Road Studios has everything you need to live, work, and create in one of the best studios out there

This is a sponsored article. When you think about a musician’s paradise, what comes to mind? Your local Guitar Center? Maybe Tower Records? Well, there’s a new place that you should strive to go to, at least once in your life. Hana Road Studios isn’t just a music studio — it’s a music creation wonderland. Hana Road Studios is located in the heart of Montreux, Switzerland — yes, the same Montreux t...[Read More]

Rode NTH-100 headphones review

Rode is expanding its business a little. Rode has been known for decades now for its incredible microphones, for all kinds of different situations. But now it’s moving into a new market — the headphone market. To that end, the company has developed its first pair of headphones — the Rode NTH-100 headphones. The new headphones are built specifically for creators — whether th...[Read More]

Mackie MC-100 Headphones review

We got an opportunity to test Mackie's MC-100 studio monitors, and the results completely shocked us at their price point.

Best Recording Studio Accessories

Every engineer and producer has their preferred recording studio accessories. Anything that can increase creativity, productivity, and workflow is a welcome addition to any recording setup. Depending on how you work and the kind of music you’re working with, some are certainly more useful than others. The categories here can be useful in any studio. But the product suggestions are just that. I tri...[Read More]

Best MIDI Controllers

In addition to control surfaces, MIDI controllers are a very useful part of any recording setup. They allow you to control virtual instruments more precisely, manipulate parameters in your DAW, and some even have onboard sounds much like a keyboard, synth, or MPC. And no matter what type of space you’re working in, you can find one that works for you. They range from full 88-keys all the way down ...[Read More]

Best DAW Control Surfaces

DAW control surfaces give you an entirely new dimension of control over your productions. One thing to consider is that not all control surfaces are compatible with every DAW, so when you’re shopping around make sure the models you’re interested in work with whatever software you’re using. From full-featured, multichannel models that flow very much like a classic analog desk to a portable single f...[Read More]

The Universal Audio “Spark” is a mysterious new product that will be released next week

Always ones to unveil new products with big surprises, Universal Audio has a brand new launch called "Spark," coming next week.

PreSonus AudioBox Go review

Portable interfaces have been getting better over the years. We’re entering a time when it is finally truly possible to take professional recording equipment on the go, with nothing but an interface and a smartphone. PreSonus’ latest portable offering comes in the form of the new PreSonus AudioBox Go, which takes the word “portable” to a whole new level. The interface isn&#...[Read More]

Best beat production hardware

Modern rhythms have made their way into every genre of music. Here are five of the best beat production hardware units.

Best Free Virtual Instruments

Looking to add to your virtual instrument collection but budget is slim? Here are some of our favorite free virtual instruments!

Best virtual instrument plugins

Virtual instruments are some of the most fun plugins to play with. Let’s dive in! Here are eight of our favorite virtual instrument plugins.