Brandon Stoner

Best T Style guitars

The Fender Telecaster was revolutionary when it was released in 1951. Over 70 years later it is still one of the most popular models of guitar in the world. It was so groundbreaking that even today it is used as a basis for newer manufacturers designing their own creations. The term “T-style guitars” refers to alternative models that have a similar look to the Telecaster. This includes a single cu...[Read More]

Best monitor controllers

Sometimes just one set of monitors isn’t enough. You might normally work with 8” or 10” speakers but want to have a set of 12” to reference. Most people listen on computers and devices with really small speakers, so you might want to have a set of consumer-grade “monitors” so you can check your mixes on what the average listener will be using. This is where studio monitor controllers come in. Just...[Read More]

Best pedalboards

When it comes to arranging your guitar effects chain, the options you have when it comes to pedalboards can seem endless. A good, professional pedalboard helps out guitar and bass players in a number of ways. They can clean up some of the mess by making your wiring arrangements more organized, they make it easy to set up and tear down at shows or during recording sessions, and for some they can fo...[Read More]

Best Recording Studio Accessories

Every engineer and producer has their preferred recording studio accessories. Anything that can increase creativity, productivity, and workflow is a welcome addition to any recording setup. Depending on how you work and the kind of music you’re working with, some are certainly more useful than others. The categories here can be useful in any studio. But the product suggestions are just that. I tri...[Read More]

Best MIDI Controllers

In addition to control surfaces, MIDI controllers are a very useful part of any recording setup. They allow you to control virtual instruments more precisely, manipulate parameters in your DAW, and some even have onboard sounds much like a keyboard, synth, or MPC. And no matter what type of space you’re working in, you can find one that works for you. They range from full 88-keys all the way down ...[Read More]

Best DAW Control Surfaces

DAW control surfaces give you an entirely new dimension of control over your productions. One thing to consider is that not all control surfaces are compatible with every DAW, so when you’re shopping around make sure the models you’re interested in work with whatever software you’re using. From full-featured, multichannel models that flow very much like a classic analog desk to a portable single f...[Read More]

Slash’s Guitar Rig: The Gear of a Guitar Hero

Few guitarists' playing and persona have stood the test of time like Slash. So let’s go over some of Slash’s guitar rig over the years.

Best beat production hardware

Modern rhythms have made their way into every genre of music. Here are five of the best beat production hardware units.

Best guitar amp combinations

Sometimes you just can't get everything you need from one amp. Here are seven of our favorite guitar amp combinations.

Best Free Virtual Instruments

Looking to add to your virtual instrument collection but budget is slim? Here are some of our favorite free virtual instruments!

Best virtual instrument plugins

Virtual instruments are some of the most fun plugins to play with. Let’s dive in! Here are eight of our favorite virtual instrument plugins.

Best stereo guitar amps in 2022

Stereo guitar amps are not very common. But they are really unique and give you a sound unlike any other. Here are some of the best.

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