best budget channel strips

Best budget channel strips: Get a classic sound without breaking the bank

Looking for some different options for front end than what comes with your interface? These best budget channel strips are a great start.




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It’s been three months since Fender announced their first foray into floor unit amp modelers and multi-effects, the Tone Master Pro. Fender would have very big shoes to fill if...

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Other than the room you’re working in and how well it’s treated, studio monitors are one of the best investments to make for your recording setup. And when it comes...


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Live Sound

Best wireless microphone systems over $500

There’s no disputing the advantages that wireless microphone systems offer. They give you freedom to move around the stage and not worry about long runs of cabling. These are just...

Best wireless microphone systems under $500

Live performance is all about passion. So who wants to be restricted by lengthy cabling? When you think of a wireless microphone system the first image that probably comes to...