IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 CS gets you 50 instruments and 4GB of free sounds

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4

In yet another development amidst the isolation we’re all experiencing with COVID-19 virus running about, IK Multimedia has new software to aid our creative endeavors. Recently, the company launched its SampleTank 4 Custom Shop (CS), which includes over 4GB of sounds and samples to work with. This is now available as a free, stripped down option to its standard SampleTank software, and normally running at $300. While not necessarily announced because of the seclusion period, it certainly is something that we could all use while we are stuck indoors.

SampleTank 4 CS is pretty stripped down compared to the full, paid option, but it definitely provides users a taste of the full library, and could help them attract future potential buyers. Although it is boiled down, its 50 virtual instrument list and sample library were meticulously chosen to cover the basics of all genres. Included as well, is a library of 200 MIDI grooves as well as the full SampleTank 4 engine. This opens doors to disk streaming, FX sends, a master bus, four groove players, and a full mixer with 70 effects.

SampleTank 4 CS works on both Mac and PC, and is available in VST/AU/AAX versions. This means it can be used as a standalone application, or loaded up in your DAW as a plugin. In the future, IK Multimedia has already announced its plans for a SampleTank Editor. This will be a free sample import & programming tool that can also be used to create new instruments and libraries. While the editor is currently in public beta mode, we can definitely expect it to arrive very soon.

In the meantime, SampleTank 4 CS provides a wonderful free way for everyone locked indoors over the next few weeks to have a little more creative freedom. Additionally, if you happen to find what it offers is not enough, IK Multimedia is also currently offering six expansion packs to build your library. These range from $49.99 to $99.99 depending on what you choose. For more info overall, or to download SampleTank 4 CS for free (because why wouldn’t you?), head over to IK Multimedia’s website to check it out for yourself.