The Way Huge Chalky Box is a new pedal you can design yourself

Way Huge Chalky Box

Have you ever wanted to display your very own name or design on a guitar pedal? If so, Way Huge Electronics has got your back. The company announced a limited run of what it’s calling the “Chalky Box” on its Instagram account. Inside, this pedal operates as an exact replica of the ‘Saucy Box’ overdrive released in 2014. But now, users will have the ability with this limited run to call the pedal whatever they choose.

The Chalky Box has the same three volume, drive, and tone knobs available from the Saucy Box. But now, the pedal’s chassis is coated entirely with chalkboard paint. This gives users complete control to take a chalk set and cover the pedal with anything that comes to mind. If you want your overdrive pedal to feature a magical farting unicorn, for example, this is now in your power.

We don’t know as of yet whether, or how the company will be making these available for purchase. Currently, the limited edition Chalky Box is not displayed on the company’s online products. But shortly before the official announcement post, Way Huge promoted a contest to give away one unit to a lucky winner this coming April. One other thing we do know for sure, is that when they do become available, one can expect to spend about $119 for the customize-able overdrive.

Of course, if we do come across any new information regarding how to get your hands on one, we’ll keep you updated. But for now, we can rest easy knowing that this pedal now exists. This is definitely an exciting piece of news from Way Huge, and a great follow-up from its newest Swollen Pickle re-release announcement at NAMM 2020. Until we know more, you can check out more information on Way Huge’s other products over at the Way Huge website.