Warm Audio announces WA-251 tube condenser microphone, coming in February

Warm Audio WA-251

The Telefunken Ela M 251 was a vintage tube microphone created by AKG (at Telefunken’s request) all the way back in 1959. Since then, many different companies have put their own spin on the classic microphone, with varying success. The latest of those companies is none other than Warm Audio, which has announced the new Warm Audio WA-251. The new microphone is aimed at serving as a redesign of the classic, while adding a modern twist. And, it comes at a very affordable price.


The specifications of the all-new WA-251, at first glance, seem phenomenal, especially given its price. The capsule used by Warm Audio is its original WA-12-B-60V design, which the company claims overcomes some of the complications that came with the original CK12 capsule from AKG. After auditioning 3 different brands of tube, Warm Audio eventually settled on the JJ 12AY7 vacuum tube from Slovak Republic. This provides a very smooth characteristic while maintaining the vintage tone of original. Finally, Warm Audio used the American-made CineMag USA transformer in the WA-251. With that, you’ll get a strong top-end and even stronger low-end presence to the mic’s output.

As a package, the WA-251 comes with a shock mount and power supply, which you would expect. On top of that, you’ll also get a very classy-looking wooden case for protection and transportation. Finally, design-wise, the microphone sports a vintage looking creamy off-white color.

All things considered, the new WA-251 microphone from Warm Audio seems like a wise purchase for anybody looking to add a  new tube condenser to their collection, but can’t afford the other typically popular models that are in production today. The Warm Audio WA-251 will be available for purchase starting sometime in February, at a modest price of $799. For now, check out more information about the WA-251 over at Warm Audio’s official website, and we are sure there is even more news to come from the company later this month at NAMM 2019.