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Ibanez New Gear 2019

Ibanez will release over 70 new guitar models in 2019, many expected at NAMM

With NAMM right around the corner from January 24 to 27, a number of major names in music are building hype in their own unique ways. Some companies are staying completely silent with their new releases. Others like Korg are teasing new products to stir excitement before a big reveal at the showcase. Then, there are companies like Ibanez (who already has a massive reputation in the world of guitar manufacturing), which is stepping right out front and center to share big chunks of its new lineup set for 2019. Ibanez didn’t simply announce a small group of items and leave the rest to mystery either. Rather, it displayed names and images of over 70 brand new models, and even more guitar accessories conveniently on their official website.

According to a new page on the company’s website, Ibanez is set to reveal new signature model electric guitars (from the likes of Erick Hansel, Mario Camarena, Scott LePage and Steve Vai), new additions to their RG, RGA and RGD lines, hollow bodied guitars, electric basses, acoustic guitars and even a brand new ukulele model. You can check out a full list of the new products at the Ibanez website.

It’s not all that uncommon for companies to announce new products in the days leading up to NAMM, then use the show as more as a showcase rather than a location for the announcement. Still, it’s entirely possible that the company is leaving a few tricks up its sleeve for the show itself — though we won’t know until then. In either case, this is huge news not only for fans of Ibanez and its products, but for gear lovers everywhere who are eager to get their hands on the latest and greatest guitars of 2019. And don’t worry, we will be covering the best of NAMM 2019 in depth later this month to deliver all of the latest news that these companies have to offer — so stay tuned.

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