The Electro-Harmonix Switchblade Pro is the most advanced switcher pedal to date

A lot of the time, when companies release new pedals to market, they’ll be either time-based effects, compressors, or chorus pedals. Not many, however, would think to create a pedal that brings an innovative and modernized approach to something that a lot of guitar players utilize in their performances every single day — tone switching. To that end, Electro-Harmonix has just released the new Switchblade Pro, bringing a whole new look and layout to how performers will switch tones from here on out.

The Electro Harmonix Switchblade Pro allows for up to 2 different effects loops to be inserted at a given time using the A&B sends and return jacks at the top of the box. What sets this footswitch apart from others, however, is its ability to incorporate these tones in either ‘Series’ or ‘Parallel’ mode. When in ‘Series’ mode, the effects loops being routed to either A or B will be sent into one another, and allows you to use the ‘A/B’ switches at the front to determine which effects loop will be set first in sequential order. In ‘Parallel’ mode, both loops will be presented in unison without any cascading effect present. Additionally, the effects can be mixed together with the dry signal using the ‘Dry Level’ knob right at the center, and the effects levels being sent into the pedal’s returns can be adjusted using their own dedicated control pots.

As you can see, the new Electro-Harmonix Switchblade Pro is certainly a pedal that will be in high demand with a lot of guitar players, given its creative engineering and ability, beyond simply switching between which source you want to hear. The Switchblade Pro is available now, at a market price of just $123.50 — though the pedal doesn’t seem to be available to buy just yet. When it is, we imagine you’ll be able to get it from your favorite music retailer.