The new Roland HP700 digital piano series brings quality piano tone to your home

Roland has been designing and manufacturing high-end digital pianos and keyboards for a very long time, and shortly after its founding became one of the most recognized names in the music industry. Recently, Roland took its production in a different direction than anything before, with the announcement of a new line of digital pianos for home settings — the HP700 series.

This new series of digital pianos from the company divides into two different models, the HP702 and HP704. Both models include an elegant sound inside of a sleek and sophisticated package, and are aimed at a primary market of first-time piano buyers. For the most part, the piano models are the same, and offer integrated educational materials for learners young and old. The primary difference between each model, however, is that the upgraded HP700 series has a hybrid keyboard which incorporates a more natural-feeling wooden piano key action of your typical piano, while maintaining a lot of durability in the hardware as well. Additionally both models come in available color finishes of white, charcoal, dark rosewood, and light oak finishes, while an elegant ebony color option is available exclusively to the HP704.

When it comes to sound, without any connectivity at all, the HP700 series models have built-in speakers which can be volume adjusted to fit anybody’s needs. These digital pianos also come with a headphone jack built in, so users can play or practice in solitude without worrying if they will disturb their family members or neighbors. Bluetooth compatibility is another big new piece to this new family of pianos, where users can connect the piano to their phones and be walked through learning new pieces using Roland’s library of online tutorials.

The Roland HP702 has a current list price of £1,699, while the HP704 will run you slightly more at £1,999 for the slight upgrade. While pricing outside of the UK and most of Europe is not yet available, with this pricing scheme converted, here in the US we can expect to pay about $2,200 for the HP702 and somewhere around $2,600 for the HP704. When more details come out about expanded availability, we will be sure to let you know, but in the meantime be sure to learn more about the HP700 series on Roland’s website, and keep your eyes peeled for any updates.