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The MXR M303 Clone Looper turns you into a one-person band

Are you desperately looking for a rhythm player before you start playing out? Look no further than the newest MXR pedal. Until now, MXR has never put out a looper. The new device offers six minutes of recording time, unlimited dubbing, and selectable playback speed. Dubbed the M303 Clone Looper, this easy to use pedal may be the most straightforward option on the market. Additionally, MXR is confident that the Clone Looper will outperform any option within the same price range.

The Clone Looper is not your typical looper pedal. There is no display and no strange button layout. Housed in a standard brushed metal pedal enclosure and built tougher than nails, the Clone Looper has a minimalist look with maximum functionality. There is a volume knob and a few indicator lights. Two foot switches control playback and recording. The pedal is standard sized, but horizontally oriented for easy access to the record/dub button and the play/stop button independently.

Through the use of expression and tap tempo pedals, the Clone Looper allows for some serious sonic exploration. With the help of these gadgets, loop playback can be changed to half speed, double speed, or even reversed. With a recording sample rate of 88.2 kHz, there should be no problem achieving maximum sound quality with any of these playback options. This high fidelity recording ability truly puts the Clone Looper firmly atop its class with respect to sound quality.

The MXR M303 Clone Looper is the perfect solution for anyone who is new to looping. It is also great for the bedroom solo songwriter, gigging alone, and other applications yet to be determined by you. Make sure to bring a 9v power supply though, as there is no room for batteries with all the space taken up by the recording device within.

The MXR M303 Clone Looper can be purchased from Guitar Center and will begin shipping out October 13.

Craig Jones

Currently, Craig runs a studio in uptown Minneapolis. Before, he was a gigging musician. No matter the occupation, one thing remains unchanged. Craig is, always has been, and always will be a gear head through and through.

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