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C.F. Martin D-35 David Gilmour Signature Guitars

NAMM 2021: Martin releases D-35 David Gilmour guitars ahead of NAMM 2021

Just days ahead of the official NAMM 2021 kick-off, Martin announced its first signature collaboration of the year. As such, the company tasked itself with finding the perfect artist to work. Luckily, Martin seemed to find one in no time. After successfully auctioning off his 1969 D-35 guitar last year as part of the Christie’s Auction, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour seemed up for the effort. The result comes in the form of two brand new premium acoustic model D-35 signatures, one six string, one 12 string, both custom built according to David’s specifications.

C.F. Martin Guitars David Gilmour Signature D-35 Models

Whether your choice of the new D-35 models falls with the six, or 12 string instruments, most features will be consistent. Both guitars feature necks, sides, and backs each of beautiful sinker mahogany. David chose this wood specifically for its warm, rich tones and exquisite looking grain. The body tops, however will be different between the two. For the six-string, Martin and Gilmour chose an Adirondack spruce Vintage Tone System. On the other hand, Carpathian spruce tops off the 12-string model. At the headstock, both are complimented with an antique white binding, and vintage gloss finish. Both tuners are made of Waverly Relic Nickel, keeping with the D-35’s older style look.

The Martin D-35 signature guitars are hand-signed at the label by David Gilmour. This fact alone makes the guitars very appealing. But even more-so when you consider that both models are limited to just 250 units each. With that said, this guitar will surely grow into quick industry collectors item. Both models of the new D-35 signature from Martin Guitars will cost $5,499. This is certainly a steep price, but it was also announced that some proceeds will also benefit the David Gilmour Charitable Foundation. While these guitars are highly limited, anyone interested can find a dealer near them that stocks the guitar right here. Whether or not you choose to buy, this is a thrilling new release ahead of NAMM 2021, and we’re excited to see what comes of Martin next.

Jimmy Byrne

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