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Keeley’s DCR might change the way you look at your pedalboard

Keeley‘s most recent releases have largely been two channel multieffects pedals. Versatility seems to be their current modus operandi. With pedals like the Aria, Caverns, DDR and Dankside, the company is shelling out some serious bang for not a lot of buck. Their newest offering, the DCR, or delay chorus rotary, brings overdrive and modulation into a compact, affordable unit. With two drive voices and flexible modulation controls, the DCR has versatility stamped directly into its soul. Add in an insert function, and the DCR provides options for intricate signal chains that might change the way you approach effects.

The DCR allows independent activation of two effects. The first channel, on the right side, is an overdrive, including the expected volume, drive, and tone controls. This switchable drive is voiced for either heavily saturated, wide open lead sounds and smooth, warm crunch tones. On the left, the modulation channel provides four effects; Chorus, flange, vibrato, and rotary. Dialing in a sound with the straightforward rate, depth, and blend controls should be simple even to the modulation rookie.

Keeley‘s DCR becomes even more flexible with the inclusion of a insert. To take advantage of this, two TRS Insert cables are necessary. A switch on the side of the pedal engages the insert, allowing users to drop effects between the drive and modulation channels, as opposed to merely before or after both circuits. The signal path runs from the input to the overdrive, then to the inserted effect or effects. After re entering the pedal, the signal passes through the modulation channel before outputting. This can be used to create a modulated reverb sound, a flanging delay, and any number of imaginable modulated effects chains.

The DCR can not currently be purchased through any authorized retailer, but it is available directly from Keely’s website for $179. The first fifty units sold will include a free bonus, an enamel Keeley pin.

Craig Jones

Currently, Craig runs a studio in uptown Minneapolis. Before, he was a gigging musician. No matter the occupation, one thing remains unchanged. Craig is, always has been, and always will be a gear head through and through.

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