HeadRush releases the Looperboard, featuring a 7-inch touchsceen display

A looper of some kind is a common piece of gear for musicians who do a lot of writing and performing on their own, but loopers in general have stayed somewhat stagnant over the past few years. Now, a company called HeadRush aims to challenge the whole idea of what a looper can be, and its latest model, the HeadRush Looperboard is the amazing result of that effort.

The first feature from the HeadRush Looperboard that you’ll notice is a 7″ LED display right at the top, center of the board. The display is touchscreen capable, which definitely gives it a nice modern twist, and brings it up to par with the rest of today’s tech. To the left-hand side is the unit’s master section, with volume indicator knobs for the master volume, headphones, and aux. A larger, pushable dial lies just below that, which can be used to control a lot of different internal functions that get displayed on the screen. Below this are a grid of four master section foot-switches to select when to start/stop your loops, the ‘FX’ area, the function being used, and a tap tempo switch as well.

On the backend of the system are a series of 4 hybrid XLR or 1/4″ inputs which feed audio into the 4 available loop slots. Audio can be recorded into loops using any of five different selectable looping modes: Fixed, Serial, Sync, Serial/Sync, and Free. What really sets this pedalboard apart from the rest, however, is the fact that you can plug in up to two USB drives, or an SD card, and load in loops to use that you already have recorded. Not only that, but the HeadRush Looperboard comes pre-loaded with a library of over 300 presets to choose from right after opening the box.

With so many more features and layers available to explore in this looper/FX pedal beyond what we can simply cover here, this is surely going to become a popular tool among songwriters, solo performers, and bands that incorporate a lot of loops in set. Of course, as with any pedalboard that provides such an intuitive layout, the HeadRush Looperboard is priced fairly highly at $899. However, this price does seem palette-able when you consider what you’d have to pay for a similar board from anyone else.

You can get the HeadRush Looperboard for yourself straight from Guitar Center for $899.