The new Keeley DDR might be the only pedal you need on your board

Keeley DDR

Keeley has just announced a new pedal, and it is a powerhouse. The Keeley DDR, or Drive, Delay, Reverb, brings three timeless guitar effects into one stompbox. For the majority of gigging guitar players, these three effects are the go to pedals for just about any gig. The drive will give your tone some extra breakup, crunch, or even full on distorted tones while delay and reverb will add a sense of space. This can transform a dry guitar tone into an massive arena-worthy sound. To quote Keeley, this pedal will “be the only pedal you may ever need.”

The Keeley DDR has two foot switches, a drive and a wet. Unsurprisingly, these toggle the overdrive and time based effects respectively. The overdrive can be switched between a crunch and lead circuit. The crunch gives you the sound of a classic British amp while the lead channel gives you a sound with more midrange. The DDR’s simple two channel drive is complimented by four distinct time based effects controlled by the wet button.

The wet effects are where Keeley’s newest offering gets really interesting. Two switches allow users to change between the four effect types. The first of these switches is located in the center of the face-plate. This control selects either a delay or reverb. The second switch is located above the wet button. It is labeled vintage/modern. This second switch is really what makes the DDR the only pedal you’ll ever need. On the vintage path, the reverb option is a spring verb, while the delay is the sound of a bucket-brigade analog circuit. On the modern path, the reverb becomes a plate and the delay turns digital. A built in effects loop allows DDR users to insert another pedal between the drive and wet engines.

The DDR may truly be the only pedal you will ever need for most genres. It will release May 23rd and will be able to be purchased through Guitar Center for only $179.