Mixed in Key Studio Edition can analyze your session and tell you what key it’s in

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re working on a piece of music, and need to quickly figure out the key without access to someone who has perfect pitch in the room? Or in the middle of a DJ set, ready to load on another track, when you aren’t sure if the songs will flow together naturally? Well as it turns out, software company Mixed in Key has too, and they’ve taken an extra step forward by creating a quick solution to this common scenario. Enter the brand new Mixed in Key Studio Edition.

Mixed in Key Studio EditionIt has a very simple, ready to use, and quick learning interface. The plugin can be placed in any track on your preferred DAW, and when engaged, it automatically breaks the input signal down and can identify notes individually, or use them in order to quickly identify a primary overall key that is being used. The plugin works with both audio tracks and MIDI tracks, and offers a feature called the note percentage score, which will compare the analyzed pitch(es) from the source material to how closely they match the identified note. Key results can also be found by using Camelot wheel, sharp, or flat notation methods — indicated in the lower left hand corner. Finally, it has a menu to adjust the plugin’s overall settings at the upper right, and a way to clear or pause the detected note information to refresh.

Right now, Mixed In Key has made the new Studio Edition plugin available to purchase directly from their website. It can be dowloaded as either VST or AU, and is available for both Mac and PC users for a very reasonable price of just $58. Those of you who said “yes” to identifying with the situation described at the top, are definitely going to want to jump on this new tool, and eliminate that problem moving forward.