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Best digital pianos under $1,000

Thanks to modern music technology, it’s never been easier to find the best digital pianos that can absolutely nail the sounds of the real thing. They are more versatile than ever before and feature cutting-edge DSP with voicings that go way beyond piano sounds to include strings, brass, bass, and drums.

Some offer the ability to record your playing directly to the instrument, as well as digital integration so that you can swap out patches or even use them as a MIDI controller! Let’s look at five of the best digital pianos available today.

Best 88-key digital piano under $1,000: Yamaha P-125

yamaha p-125 digital piano
Best 88-key digital piano under $1,000
Yamaha P-125
The P-125 runs on the CF sound engine, has 88 weighted hammer action keys, and offers a large library of sounds.
Runs on Yamaha’s Pure CF Sound Engine
88-keys with graded hammer action
Includes all kinds of instrument sounds
No TRS outputs, only USB and MIDI

Yamaha has brought decades of excellence in pianos to this model. The P-125 utilizes Yamaha’s fantastic Pure CF Sound Engine to provide the most authentic and accurate digital voices.

Graded hammer action across the 88 keys gives you the sound and feel of an acoustic piano with heavier action on the low end and lighter action across the treble range. Its selling point is the recreation of various Yamaha acoustic pianos, but you get access to all sorts of sounds including vibes, drums, bass, clavinet, electric pianos, and strings.

Via USB you can even connect it to your recording system and use it as a MIDI controller or record direct. It has onboard speakers and a headphone output for silent practice. And with Immersive Sound you’ll feel like you’re playing in your very own concert hall!

Best frame digital piano under $1,000: Williams Rhapsody III

williams rhapsody III
Best frame digital piano under $1,000
Williams Rhapsody III
This frame digital piano has 88 weighted keys to trigger the 12 onboard sounds. You can tailor them with effects, and the I/O options are plentiful.
88 weighted keys
Versatile sound library
Modulation effects
Good I/O options
Large frame takes up a lot of space and is cumbersome to use live

They’re cumbersome, but there’s a certain charm to frame pianos. The 88 weighted keys provide real feel to trigger the versatile set of 12 onboard sounds. Since the sound library features so many different types of instruments, 96-note polyphony adds depth. You can add modulation effects too.

It’s got stereo speakers, and connections through USB, MIDI, aux, and stereo 1/4″. It comes with pedals and a rest to support books and sheet music. It’s large, but has classy looks.

Best digital piano under $1,000 for playing live: Roland FP-30X

roland fp-30x
Best digital piano under $1,000 for playing live
Roland FP-30X
This model offers the SuperNATURAL sound engine, 88 weighted keys, a sound library of 56 sounds, and adjustable parameters.
Powered by Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine
32 piano sounds with 24 additional sound libraries
Adjustable touch-sensitivity
Onboard speaker
On the expensive side for this category

This model is a great marriage of features and affordability. It provides a nuanced sound across the full range of 88 keys via Roland’s SuperNATURAL sound engine and is designed to provide the articulation of a top-shelf acoustic piano.

Included are 32 total piano and electric piano sounds as well as 24 additional sound libraries. You can also adjust parameters like touch sensitivity, tuning, and add-in effects. Its lightweight makes it perfect for gigging, and the 22W stereo speaker has no trouble filling the room.

Best I/O digital piano under $1,000: Korg D1

korg d1
Best I/O digital piano under $1,000
The D1 gives you the feel of a real piano in an ergonomic frame for easy portability. 30 voices and touch sensitive keys are a great complement to the I/O.
Realistic piano feel
30 voices
Stereo or mono output
Onboard effects
Very slim form, some might want a larger surface

With the D1, you get the sound and touch of a real piano with mobility that is perfect for the road. The bank of 30 voices gives you a variety of options. The keys are aftertouch and velocity-sensitive in addition to having RH3 (real weighted hammer) action that gives you the feel of a real piano.

It can output in stereo or mono and has connectivity for line out, headphones, MIDI via the USB port, and a foot pedal. It also has effects including brilliance, chorus, and reverb. You can choose between traditional black or a newer white aesthetic.

Best arranger digital piano under $1,000: Casio Privia PX-360

casio privia px-360
Best arranger digital piano under $1,000
Casio Privia PX-360
If the massive 550 sound library wasn’t enough, it features 88 hammer weighted keys, onboard effects, and accompaniment tracks.
88 hammer weighted keys
Massive sound library
Onboard FX
200 accompaniment tracks
Expensive for this category

Casio is well-known to make products affordable for the hobbyist, but the PX-360 is no toy. A full 88 key range with weighted scaled hammer action and tri-sensor key functionality provide a professional touch.

The massive sound library of 550 voices run on multiple advanced engines that aim to provide some of the most realistic digital piano sounds around. Also included are many flavors of effects including reverbs, delays, choruses, and EQs.

It also comes with an accompaniment of 200 rhythms and an editor to tweak them to your specific needs. 96 memory banks let you record and edit directly on the instrument. What’s more, it even comes with onboard lessons, so you can always be improving!

Best split keyboard digital piano under $1,000: Kawai ES110

kawai es110
Best split keyboard digital piano under $1,000
Kawai ES110
The ES110 gives you a realistic piano feel, dual and split modes, and onboard recording. The slimmed down control set provides a clean look.
Realistic piano feel
Dual and split keyboard modes
Built-in speaker
Onboard recorder
Works with piano pedal accessory
Slimmed down interface might make dialing in sounds take longer

Portability and versatility is the name of the game here. Responsive Hammer Compact weighted-key action gives you the feel of playing a high-end acoustic piano.

You have access to 19 different sounds (8 pianos) across a192-note polyphony through Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging technology. Dual and split keyboard modes add to its usefulness. You can connect the output with MIDI and line outs, and two headphone outputs provide a way for someone else to listen without disturbing.

To add articulation to your playing there is a damper pedal, and the built-in speaker system lets you play without necessarily having to be plugged into an external sound system. A three-song recorder lets you capture the inspiration of the moment or evaluate your progress.

Also available is the optional stand and pedal assembly. This gives you a professional and ergonomic setup to get the most out of your playing sessions. It even has built-in lessons by Alfred!


What is the best 88 key under 1000?

Our choice is the Yamaha P-125. It runs on the realistic Pure CF Sound Engine, has graded hammer action keys. One of the best features is that it digitally recreates some of Yamaha’s best acoustic pianos as well as other instruments like electric piano, clavinet, strings, and more.

It’s a great, affordable choice if you’re looking for a digital piano under $1,000.

Which digital piano is closest to real piano?

If you’re looking for a digital piano that’s similar in sound and feel to an acoustic piano there area few features to look out for.

First, you’ll want something with weighted keys to provide the feel and articulation that comes with playing an acoustic piano. The library of sounds should include models of acoustic pianos. And even better if you can use sustain and damping pedals with it.

What is the absolute best digital piano?

Best is a subjective term, based totally on your needs. Anything by any of the companies on this list makes great products, but they’re far from your only options when it comes to manufacturer.

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