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Ibanez’s new 2022 bass guitars are beautifully-designed and ultra-premium

Alongside its new acoustic and electric guitars, Ibanez has taken the wraps off of a series of new bass guitars for 2022. The basses span Ibanez’s SR Standard, SR Premium, and BTB lineups, and range in price. In other words, there should be something for any bassist in Ibanez’s new lineup.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ibanez’s new bass lineup, including prices and features.

Ibanez SR300 basses

Ibanez SR305EDXFirst up are Ibanez’s new SR300 bass guitars, which are the most affordable in Ibez’s new bass lineup. There are two SR300 basses, including the SR300EDX and the SR305EDX. Both offer a Nyatoh body with a Jatoba fretboard and white dot inlay. They have medium frets, and both come with a PowerSpan Dual Coil neck and bridge pickup.

So what are the differences between the two? Well, the SR300EDX is a 4-string bass, while the SR305EDX is a 5-string — and comes with the appropriate hardware. Both come in with gold hardware, and both come in a Rose Gold Chameleon finish. The SR300EDX comes at $533.32, while the SR305EDX comes at $599.99.

Ibanez SR400 basses

Ibanez SR405EPBDXThe new Ibanez SR400 basses, which include the SR400EPBDX and the SR405EPBDX, offer largely the same specs as their less expensive SR300 siblings. That’s to say, the SR400EPBDX has the same specs as the SR300EDX, and the SR405EPBDX has the same specs as the SR405EPBDX. So what’s the difference? Well, they have a Poplar Burl top, and come in the Tropical Seafloor Burst finish. The SR400EPBDX comes at a list price of $733.32, while the SR405EPBDX comes at $799.99.

Ibanez SR Premium basses

Next up are Ibanez’s SR Premium basses, and there are three new ones, including the SR4FMDX, SR5FMDX, and the SR5CMDX. Here’s a look at each.

Ibanez SR4FMDX and SR5FMDX

Ibanez SR4FMDXThe SR4FMDX and SR5FMDX basses are essentially the same thing, but the SR4FMDX has four strings, while the SR5FMDX has five. These basses offer a flamed Maple top over a multi-piece Ash/Maple/Bubinga body. They also have a Birdseye Maple fingerboard over a Panga Panga and Purpleheart neck. The basses offer Nordstrand Big Break pickups, with gold hardware, and an Emerald Green Low Gloss finish. The four-string model comes at $1,999.99, while the five-string model comes at $2,133.32.

Ibanez SR5CMDX

Ibanez SR5CDMXThe third bass in the SR Premium lineup is the new Ibanez SR5CDMX, which offers a multi-piece top made of Curly Maple, Walnut, Purpleheart, and Bubinga. That’s over a body that’s built with the same woods, along with Ash. The neck is built with a five-piece design, with Panga Panga and Purpleheart. The guitar also offers nice Rosewood pickup covers, with Nordstrand Big Single neck pickups.

Ibanez BTB basses

Last but not least are new basses in Ibanez’s ultra-premium BTB series. There are three new models, featuring a multi-scale construction.

Ibanez BTB805MS and BTB806MS

Ibanez BTB805MSFirst up are the BTB805MS and BTB806MS basses. These basses offer a combination of Ash and Okoume in the body construction, along with a five-piece Maple/Walnut neck and a Panga Panga fretboard. They also offer medium stainless steel frets, and Ibanez’s T1 bass pickup. Ibanez says that these pickups are humbuckers, but the coils are each housed individually, and individually mounted to the body. That makes it easier to make nuanced adjustments to the overall sound. The guitar comes in a Transparent Grey Flat finish. The BTB805MS model comes at $1,997.96, while the BTB806MS model comes at $2,066.65.

Ibanez BTB605MS

Ibanez BTB605MSThe Ibanez BTB605MS is more or less the same as the other two BTB basses, however, it has no figured top, and comes in a Cerulean Aura Birst finish. It comes at $1,791.10.

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