Fender teams up with Flea for new Signature Active Jazz Bass

Fender has yet again teamed up with a celebrity musician to release a brand new custom model, and this time it’s the second series of signature bass guitars for none other than bass maniac Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. As a standout musician with a big personality in the world of rock music, it’s no question that this new bass collaboration with Fender has produced something just as bold and powerful. Introducing the Fender x Flea Signature Active Jazz Bass.

This new model works from a foundation of the typical Fender Jazz Bass, with a lot of extra “Flea Flair,” we’ll call it. The guitar is also an adaptation of their previous line of Flea Signature bass guitars released back in 2016, with a Shell Pink finish and Flea’s road-worn paint chips in exact placement. This time, we get a full Shell Pink color, no road wear, as well as an additional color model available, Inca Silver. Compared to the earlier collaboration bass, the new Flea Signature Active Jazz Bass now has no pickguard and has replaced the single-coil pickup in the first model with one humbucker, containing an Aguilar OBP-1 18V preamp, placed right between the bridge and center. Finally, it is finished off with two tone knobs and one volume control knob as well. The guitar is made with an alder body, and a maple neck and fretboard, meaning it will stay very sturdy, and allow for fast movement across the fretboard. Finally, the bass’s headstock comes complete with vintage classic tuning knobs.

In order to learn more information about the Fender x Flea Signature Active Jazz Bass, check out the official webpage dedicated to it on the Fender website, and check out the video above to hear Flea play it a little bit and talk about his view of music as a characteristic and attitude as a performer. If you decide you’d like to pick one up for yourself, it is available online at the Fender.com online shop for $1699.99. Go grab one for yourself now, and be sure to let us know when you’re ready and able to play through the entirety of Stadium Arcadium.