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Electro-Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz

The new Electro-Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz is a modernized version of the classic Pro Co Rat 2

No matter the amount of products being released by the countless companies alive on today’s market of gear, we can and will always count on Electro-Harmonix to consistently release some incredible new pieces of audio electronics. And at the very least, we can easily say it is one of the few companies today that is completely on top of its internet and social media presence, and making especially sure that the younger generation of musicians and music makers out there will quickly find out whenever it has a new release. This time, the company is back and out with a brand new distortion and fuzz pedal — aptly named the Electro-Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz.

This unsuspecting little pedal was released by EHX recently as its own take on the distortion and fuzz effect achieved from plugging in a classic Rat 2 guitar pedal. Visually, the pedal looks great thanks to its bold orange graphic depicting a skyscraper and some other city buildings behind it, which fall onto a white background. From a design standpoint alone, it immediately wins over a Rat 2 — but that, of course, isn’t what should matter most to buyers.

Compared to its classic counterpart from Pro Co, the Electro-Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz isn’t all that different. It has the same three volume, filter, and distortion knobs and just changed the word distortion to “drive” with the new release. In the video above, you can hear the Flatiron Fuzz being played with various setting adjustments and compare for yourself. We’re not totally sure whether or not the new pedal really sounds all that much better than the Rat 2, but you can make your own conclusions about that.

For now though, the Electro-Harmonix Flatiron Fuzz has a set MSRP price of $96.90, but is available across many different online marketplaces for just $72.70 — here’s a link to buy it from Sweetwater. We’re not sure if this lower price is going to become more permanent or go back up with time, but we strongly believe it is set there to compete with sales of the Pro Co Rat 2, which you can find here on Amazon for just $69.99. All things considered, the choice is yours whether you’d prefer the classic Rat 2, or a newly modernized take on it from Electro-Harmonix. Or, just get both — then let us know which one you prefer.

Jimmy Byrne

Jimmy Byrne is a music producer, audio engineer, and musician living in Chicago, IL. Under his own company ByrneOut Productions, he has worked with a variety of artists & bands from throughout the US on the overall production and studio recording of their music as well as other audio-related projects. Looking ahead, Jimmy hopes to continue growing his career and company, build professional relationships with musicians and other industry professionals, and somehow leave his mark in this ever-changing industry.

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