The Audified ToneSpot Bass Express helps you quickly find the perfect bass tone

Of all the new gear that has been announced over the last few months, one strong category that seems to be often overlooked is the bass. And a lot of times, when searching for the right bass tone, engineers and performers will spend hours on end in their DAWs or on their amps tweaking and fine-tuning. While all of that is the ideal approach, it can sometimes take more time than one has — which is why Audified has now introduced something to aid users in this issue. The Audified ToneSpot Bass Express is the company’s newest and simplest introduction to its ToneSpot lineup.


The ToneSpot Bass Express is a software plugin that can be used to easily identify tone flaws on the spot, and correct them. The company even calls it a “swiss army knife for all tone hunters.” This plugin comes as a heavily stripped down version from the ToneSpot Bass Pro, which allows for much more intuitive user control — whereas this seems to be catered more towards bass players, engineers who are just starting out, or perhaps bands recording their first demo.

Across the top of the ToneSpot Bass Express, is a horizontal preset save/load strip which can be easily tied to other Audified products. It appears as though there are at least 2 loadable effects that the user can set up to use, but our guess is that adjusting them is going to be quite limited. Towards the bottom is a channel selector, input and output knobs, both with automatic gain control. And towards the middle is a meter which can be used to monitor the input volume, output volume, or gain reduction from a compressor or limiter. Finally, the plugin is topped off with a power I/O switch.

For a simple one-click plugin like this, it is no question that Audified has set a very reasonable price alongside it. You can pick up a copy of the Audified ToneSpot Bass Express right now from Audified’s website for a low price of just $29. However, this price appears to be a limited time markdown from a normal ask of $49. If you’re interested in getting quick bass tone improvement, go grab a copy for yourself.