Here’s how you can get the IK Multimedia Syntronik Bully virtual synth for free

IK Multimedia Syntronik Bass Synth Free

IK Multimedia has pulled a big move recently, which fans of its software synth lineup can all get behind. The company released the Bully virtual bass synth in 2017, as a member of the Syntronik family of instruments. It was revealed as an exciting reimagining of the massive low-end that many came to love from the Moog Taurus models. The Bully brings a modernized virtual approach to this tone, while maintaining the old-school analog aesthetic borrowed from its inspiration — and now through May 23, you can get the Bully virtual synth for yourself for free.

With two oscillators, a fully-fledged five parameter LFO section, and six parameter loudness envelope, Bully makes it easy to achieve just about any artificial bass synth tone imaginable. It also provides a dedicated filter section with eight filter types, and its own envelope to play around with. Finally, it is topped off (at the bottom) with three sliders to control the bend, vibration rate, and glide of your output signal. Across the top, there are four banks at the top to create your tones, and a completely packed library of presets to use as a starting point.

Right now, you can get your hands on the Syntronik Bully virtual bass for free, until May 23. How you ask? It’s really quite simple. All IK Multimedia asks for are new subscribers to its newsletter. Once you download the Syntronik engine and load up the Bully synth, a pop-up will appear asking you to subscribe to the newsletter for free access. It’s no question that they’ve made this process as easy as possible for users. And considering the fact that outside of this limited period, the Bully bass will run you $49.99, that makes this deal taste even sweeter. For more information on the Bully virtual synth, or the rest of the Syntronik family, head on over to IK Multimedia’s website, but don’t get too caught up in reading before you miss this incredible opportunity.