IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 is out now, brings over 120 new models

After nearly 20 years of producing AmpliTube, one of the top affordable amp sims out there, IK Multimedia is back. Now, the company is back with yet another AmpliTube update for 2020. Appropriately named AmpliTube 5, this update packs a major punch. While most are familiar with its tones, collection of amps and cabs, among other features, IK has really piled on the extra features this time.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 Features

AmpliTube 5 was initially teased by a video posted by IK Multimedia earlier this week. Similar to the announcement trailer, it depicted shots of another planet, with an astronaut roaming around. Speculation quickly rose throughout the week as to what it could be. However, we now know it’s not quite as space-specific as some may have thought. Now that AmpliTube 5 has ‘landed’, we quickly learned it brings a whopping 129 new amp models with it. In addition to what users have had at their disposal already, the complete collection of the latest edition tops off at over 400. Additionally, IK Multimedia redesigned the user interface of the software. As a result, users can resize AmpliTube to the heart’s content, making it much easier for some to see smaller features. Here, improvements were also implemented. These include gestures such as dragging and dropping equipment, and adding multiple effects.

The final big improvement that AmpliTube 5 brings along is the new inclusion of VIR technology. Standing for Volumetric Impulse Response, the newly implemented feature brings changes to the relationship between simulated amp and cab. This also results in a more realistic sound when virtually placing microphones, for a more 3D feel. Once users play around with it, they can also save and load their own IR’s to use whenever desired.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 is available now for pre-order. If done early, anyone interested can pick it up for a limited time price of $99.99. Once this offer ends though, AmpliTube 5 will leap back up to its normal $149.99 price point. Before buying, if anybody would like to learn more specifically about features offered in the newest AmpliTube, check out its website here.