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Snareweight #5

Snareweight is an innovative alternative to Moongels

Snareweight is a relatively new drum accessory company that specializes in producing drum dampeners. It goes without saying that all their products are designed for snare drums. However, you can use them on toms as well. They have three main products, each providing unique benefits. Here’s a rundown of each.


The M80 is a long leather strap that provides medium to heavy dampening. It fits securely around the edge of a drumhead and has a clip to attach to the rim. The clip allows you to flip the strap up so that you have no dampening and the strap has a magnet which causes it to stick to the side of the drum. 


Snareweight M1b

The M1b is a smaller leather strap that provides light dampening. It raises slightly off the head every time the snare is played, giving the snare a lot of breathing room. This strap is for players that want snare ring with a tiny bit of control. 


Snareweight #5

The #5 is Snareweight’s main seller. It’s a firm piece of brass that you lock onto the snare rim. The amount of dampening it gives depends on how tightly you lock it in. This solid piece of metal seems pretty effective and adds a cool aesthetic to your snare drum. 

My Experience 

I’ve personally used the M80 and M1b models. They tightened up my snare without losing any of its attack. The leather strap bouncing when the snare is hit stops it from completely deadening the sound. 

These seem to be a better alternative to things like Moongels or O-rings. They don’t leave any residue like Moongels and they don’t kill all the sustain and resonance like O-rings. 

I played a gig in a venue that had brick walls close to the stage and the sound bouncing from my snare was almost unbearable. Using the M80 together with the M1b worked like magic. 


Overall, these Snareweight accessories could potentially save you a good amount of money in the long run. They’re durable and have a sleek appearance that fits well in a setup. I can’t even count how many Moongels I’ve misplaced over the years. These accessories can be placed in a stick bag and you’ll be good to go. 

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