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M-Audio M-Track Audio Interfaces

M-Audio’s M-Track interfaces offer affordable options for beginners

We are now just days away from a brand new year in pro audio. Yet even with the virtual NAMM event close on the horizon, several companies have come forward with brand new arrivals. One company closing out an already successful year, M-Audio, has two new interfaces which give ‘affordability’ a whole new meaning. These new boxes are called M-Track, and deliver everything a beginner engineer needs in a concise manner. Here is everything you need to know about the M-Track audio interfaces from M-Audio.

M-Audio M-Track Solo and Duo

In the spirit of catering to beginners, M-Audio kept affordability at the forefront of these new designs. As a result, both new M-Track interfaces presents all of the essentials in a straightforward way. Of course, it did make sure to present more than one option for consumers in need of more than one input. Therefore, the design was split into two products, the M-Track Solo and the M-Track Duo.

Both the Solo and Duo interfaces operate using USB power and connectivity. Depending on which model you pick up, there will be either one or two preamps on board for each connection. Each connector will be a combo input, allowing for either XLR or 1/4″ instrument connectivity. M-Audio also placed a global phantom power switch off to the side for condenser microphones and a headphone jack for an extra stereo output. Finally, headphone and monitor volumes can be adjusted with knobs at the top, located next to the preamps.

With all of that said, the biggest appeal of the M-Track Solo and Duo remains in its pricing. Normally, a simple bare necessities interface like this might be picked up for around $100. However M-Audio seems to have worked very hard on this new model, as the M-Track devices far undercut that. The M-Track Solo is available at $49, and those who need the extra input, can pick up the Duo at just $59. For more information on M-Audio‘s M-Track Solo and Duo, head over to M-Audio’s website.

Jimmy Byrne

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