Believe in Music 2022: Roland brings N/Zyme expansion to Fantom synth

Owners of Roland’s Fantom synthesizer get some good news, as the company announced an expansion, offering a new model. N/Zyme, the latest engine added, brings the first ever wavetable synth of its kind to the keyboard to expand the creation abilities of many. Here is everything you should know about the new N/Zyme expansion to Roland’s Fantom.

Roland Fantom N/Zyme Expansion

N/Zyme comes to the Fantom synth as a truly immersive, hands-on design experience. It is the first model of its kind to offer phase and shape modulation, resonant filters, and two step LFOs. However, arguably the most notable feature is its implementation of layered wavetable oscillators. As many designers know, wavetable synths are well known for their unique sound, but can be notably difficult to program. When paired with Fantom’s intuitive touchscreen and controls however, N/Zyme becomes a much more seamless process for creators to achieve their desired sounds.

The latest Roland model provides users the ability to mix two layers with up to 63 wavetables each, all while adjusting their positions in real time. Players can also physically shape N/Zyme’s sounds by drawing custom waveforms using Fantom’s touchscreen controls. Afterwords, they have the ability to further adjust those sounds using a range of modulation tools on board. Furthermore, sounds can be manipulated even more using features like the X/Y pad. This element comes complete with automation support and tempo-synced control over parameters like speed and intensity.

Roland’s N/Zyme Expansion is available to all current and new Fantom synth owners — with a lifetime key for $149 through Roland Cloud. Considering everything it has to offer, that seems like a great value, especially to those users looking to further expand and ease their processes. To learn more about N/Zyme, the Fantom Synth or other Roland products, click here. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see how N/Zyme’s success grows in the future. You can get the new Fantom Synth for yourself using the link below.

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