Aston Microphones’s highly unique ‘Element’ mic is available now for pre-order

Aston Microphones, a UK-based microphone manufacturer, has now placed one of its newer products on preorder. The Aston Element was first introduced to us back at the beginning of May, simply as a unique new project. Since then, however, the company has apparently been quite busy making Element the product it yearned for.

When Aston introduced “project Element” just months ago, Aston declared its priority as creating the “people’s microphone.” A truly high-quality, versatile microphone that effectively delivers thousand-dollar value, at the price of the everyday consumer. Accomplishing this was going to be no easy task, though. In the months since, Aston Microphones reportedly changed up it’s typical process of initial testing. Rather than inviting only professional engineers and top critics to test the microphone, the company for the first time invited the public to offer feedback as well. The Aston engineering and development teams then gathered all of its feedback to get the job done right. The result was highly positive, with the incorporation of a new type of capsule serving as the mic’s life-blood. Masterminded by the hands of Trevor Szynk, Aston’s lead developer.

The Result

Aston Microphones Element has a design that sports an atypical look, yet very appealing nonetheless. In an internal interview, company CEO James Young details the mic as having a cast aluminum body, with a new type of capsule inside.

“What we’ve done is completely new technology,” Young states, “Your mic classifications traditionally are dynamic, condenser, and ribbon. And we’ve done something which is, really, none of those things. It behaves and performs with the same kind of detail and presence as a condenser microphone, it requires phantom power. It has the same ability to deal with live applications, rejection, robust-ness, and punch that a dynamic microphone has. But it also has that mid-tonal, natural characteristic of a ribbon microphone.”

Now, with project completion, Aston has announced its availability for pre-order, with worldwide shipments starting in September. As promised, the microphone maintains a quite low price point of just $199 for US customers. However if you act fast, Sweetwater is offering its own pre-order bundle with an extra savings of $50 on top. Make sure to check that out before it’s too late. Otherwise, if you’d like to learn more about Aston Microphones Element, or its other collection, head over to the Aston website.