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Protect your Bose S1 and ToneMatch Mixer with Bose’s new cases

Two new Bose accessories have been released to help you protect your valued sound equipment. The S1 PA speaker has grown incredibly popular as a personal stage monitor, small portable PA, and even just to listen to music. The T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers help performers get a great sound every time they play, no matter the venue. It is now safer than ever to bring both on the road, as Bose has released four Play-Through Covers for the S1 PA, as well as a carrying case for the T4S and T8S ToneMatch mixers.

Play-Through Covers for the S1 are made from an acoustically transparent fabric, helping maintain the same Bose clarity you’ve become accustomed to. Options of four colors are currently provided; Nue Bose Black, Nue Arctic White, Night Orchid Red, and Baltic Blue. This will allow the S1 to look the part at just about any event. Not only will the Play-Through Covers update the look of Bose’s flagship portable speaker system for PA use, but some level of protection will be provided as well. Bose has not advertised the Play-Through Cover as a protective accessory, but some level of scratching and dust damage will be remitted by the contraption. It’s tight fit and durable build are certainly a step above leaving the S1 exposed.

The ToneMatch Carry Case, on the other hand, is marketed as a protective accessory, not just a convenient way to carry the mixers. The hard nylon shell should provide plenty of resistance to sharp objects, minor impacts, and moisture. Additionally, Bose has included a strap-in compartment for items commonly carried with the ToneMatch Mixers, such as the power supply and necessary cables. This case is a must for any ToneMatch users who leave the house with their equipment.

The Bose S1 Play-Through Speaker Cover can be purchased for $59 from American Musical Supply in all four color options, while the Bose ToneMatch Carry Case is available at Sweetwater for $79

Craig Jones

Currently, Craig runs a studio in uptown Minneapolis. Before, he was a gigging musician. No matter the occupation, one thing remains unchanged. Craig is, always has been, and always will be a gear head through and through.

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