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Nord Piano Monitors

Nord’s new Piano Monitor speakers are engineered to enhance the tones of its keyboards

Nord has been a leading name in the manufacturing of classy, high-end keyboards for piano players everywhere for a very long time. The company launched theĀ Nord Piano 4 back in mid-to-late 2018, offering a sleek design packed with so many features that allow pianists to bring their creativity to the height of their potential. In the months since the Piano 4’s release, Nord has been regularly releasing lines of new software instrument packs and other accessories for the successful new keyboard to keep interest growing and alive. Its latest new accessory is the Nord Piano Monitor(s) which are a pair of speakers that were designed specifically for Nord keyboards, to accentuate their pleasant tones and dynamic characteristics.

The Nord Piano Monitors are made by the Scandinavian company Audio Pro, and will be sold under the Nord brand name. As far as specifications go, Nord has listed a brief list of features on the back end of these speakers. The Nord Piano Monitors contain a 4.5″ woofer, a 3/4″ tweeter, dual keyboard & auxiliary inputs, and contain up to 80W of power. These monitors are compatible with all Nord keyboards, but were made specifically with the Piano 4 in mind, since it’s the company’s latest model. Optionally, the monitors can ship with a bracket mount, allowing them to be installed directly into the back of the Nord Piano 4.

At this time, we don’t know much about the price or availability of the Nord Piano Monitor, but we expect more of that information to become available in the coming weeks or days, givenĀ NAMM 2019 takes place this weekend. We do hope that the price point is low enough to seriously compete with the option of simply buying a cheaper pair of regular studio monitors (which may even sound better), and a couple of used monitor stands. While the mountable bracket does serve as a nice touch, the limitations of these monitors’ versatility are written out plainly within its name.

These are specifically advertised as piano near field monitors for Nord keyboards, which is unfortunate, because if they sound even tonally decent, Nord could be excluding a big part of its market with its claim of piano exclusivity. Regardless, we look forward to hearing more about the Nord Piano Monitors at NAMM 2019 or in the near future, and to hearing what they sound like in person. To learn more about the Nord Piano Monitor, information is available on the official Nord website.

Jimmy Byrne

Jimmy Byrne is a music producer, audio engineer, and musician living in Chicago, IL. Under his own company ByrneOut Productions, he has worked with a variety of artists & bands from throughout the US on the overall production and studio recording of their music as well as other audio-related projects. Looking ahead, Jimmy hopes to continue growing his career and company, build professional relationships with musicians and other industry professionals, and somehow leave his mark in this ever-changing industry.

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