ZVEX introduces see-through overdrive pedal, the Box of Rock Clear

Straight from the lair of Minneapolis guitar effects manufacturers, ZVEX, comes a pedal taking on a new twist in design. The company has released the ZVEX Box of Rock Clear — bringing the exact same tone and functions that its standard Box of Rock pedal did, only this time, in a see-through package.

The original Box of Rock Clear is a pedal that was designed by ZVEX some years ago. Intending to emulate the tone of founder Zachary Vex’s favorite amplifier, the 1966 Marshall JTM45. The original pedal offers its impressive take on that tone, all in a box with a cool silk screened art design at the top. The new Box of Rock Clear, however, takes on a much clearer vision as its name strongly implies. The housing of the new design is made out of Lexan bullet proof glass. This leaves a completely open window to see what’s inside. Additionally, two single green and blue LED bulbs sit in between its adjustment knobs which reflect off both the glass, as well as its internal components, giving it a super visually appealing look, especially when in low-lighting situations.

Those concerned about grounding can rest easy knowing that Faraday shielding has been placed with great care throughout the box, in order to avoid potential issues. Finally, every future owner of the Box of Rock Clear will be happy to know that each individual unit was hand-soldered by Shoua Thao, who has been with the company for the last 24 years.

The ZVEX Box of Rock Clear is being released only for a limited time without an announced end. So if you’re a big fan of other ZVEX products already, and want to get your hands on it, you will want to act quickly. To learn more about the ZVEX Box of Rock Clear, head on over to its page on the ZVEX website, where you can also pre-order the unit for yourself at a price of $269.