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Supro Keeley Custom 12 Amplifier

NAMM 2021: Supro Keeley Custom 12 combines integrity and clarity

At the tail end of a very successful first day of NAMM 2021, we’ve already seen quite a few exhilarating products. But companies are showing no signs of allowing excitement to stop short anytime soon. Supro, a company popularized over the last several years for its top-tier manufacturing work in amplification, announced its latest amp the Keeley Custom 12. It was created in follow-up to its original collaborative amp with Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics. We had a chance to check out the brief demo at Supro’s virtual booth today, and man this amp can sing.

Supro Keeley Custom 12 Amplifier

The Supro Keeley Custom 12 is the company’s successor to the bestselling Keeley Custom 10 released last year. According to Supro, its main intent is to “seamlessly integrate users’ pedals into the heart of an all-tube Supro amplifier.” The tubes in question are the ECC83S, well-known for their bite and tenacity. The Keeley Custom 12 is a 25W combo amp running through a 1×12 Celestion G12M-65 Creamback speaker. Together, they create a vintage, woody tone underlined by modern-sounding power. The amp features a 2-band EQ section which is intentionally voiced so that a player can run gain pedals in front of the amp, while still maintaining a midrange heft and touch dynamics. Finally, the amp features a transparent effects loop, providing a good way to add your favorite time-based effects while avoiding unwanted distortion on modulation.

We’re very pleased to see Supro teaming up with Robert Keeley once again for yet another amazing product. It’s no question this powerhouse of an amp will surely become a hot commodity among guitar players in the months ahead. If you want to pick one up for yourself, the Keeley Custom 12 will cost $1,195 at most retailers, and is on pre-order now. To learn more, or to find a Supro dealer near you, check out the company’s website for all the details you’ll need.

Jimmy Byrne

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