Harley Benton brings a new CLD-60SMCE acoustic for late summer jams

Harley Benton CLD-60SCME

If you’ve been struggling this summer to find a quality acoustic guitar on a budget, your search may end here. Guitar manufacturer Harley Benton is back with another impressive acoustic, the CLD-60SMCE, to fit your summertime campfire needs. The announcement came from Harley Benton in the week following the Summer NAMM 2021 event in Nashville. Its mahogany dreadnought body intends to project a bold tone, with small sacrifices made in other areas, maintaining ultimate affordability. Here is the full rundown on what to expect if you decide to go in on Harley Benton’s latest acoustic model.

Harley Benton CLD-60SMCE Acoustic Guitar

The CLD-60SMCE’s stand-out feature, as mentioned above, is its all mahogany body and neck. As many guitarists know, mahogany has been widely used in building acoustic instruments for a long time. It delivers a warm, rich tone unique to the wood, and holds sustain quite well also. With this in mind, Harley Benton decided to use mahogany across the entire guitar, which also likely helps keep production costs and sale prices down. Harley Benton made the guitar’s default design in a ‘natural’ finish, which certainly looks quite nice. However, this does show the wood grain and potential flaws more easily than solid-colors.

The neck contains a full set of 20 vintage sized frets on a Roseacer fingerboard, secured on a plastic bridge and nut — also keeping costs low. Underneath this sits the guitar’s dual-action truss rod for adjustments where necessary. The CLD-60SMCE also has a pickup & electronics system inside for plug-in and amplification if needed. The preamp installed is an HB-03, which includes both a three-band EQ, and built-in tuner. Combining everything packed onboard, the Harley Benton CLD-60SMCE seems ideal for both beginners and tone seekers alike. Price wise, Harley Benton currently has its newest model available for just $127 across the web. To learn more about this or other HB models, or to find a list of dealers, check out the company’s website.