NAMM 2021: Electro-Voice introduces 50M to its Evolve loudspeaker series

Now that the NAMM 2021 virtual conference has fully kicked off, companies have been rushing to announce their latest products. In the world of live sound, seemingly one of the first of these companies coming forward is Electro-Voice. Although live events as we know them are still on hold in the midst of COVID-19, EV sprinkled in some hope with its new loudspeaker, the Evolve 50M. It joins the ranks of the company’s existing two products in the Evolve family as a strong newcomer.

Electro-Voice Evolve 50M Loudspeakers

Electro-Voice has built its reputation strong over the years as a leading brand in PA systems. However, a variety of loudspeaker growing in popularity more recently from companies like Bose, is the portable column system. The Evolve 50M is the latest addition to the company’s Evolve series, EV’s own column-style system. It includes an onboard eight-channel digital mixer. Each channel of which features professional-grade preamps and studio-quality effects to choose from.

Electro-Voice implemented the same QuickSmart Link technology as the previous two models to easily connect two units together. Additionally, users can adjust the mix of the Evolve 50M’s remotely, using EV’s QuickSmart mobile app. Including a 3-band system EQ, a 7-band mix EQ, and more. This is a really neat feature that isn’t new by any means, but it’s nice to know the company continued its inclusion in its latest loudspeaker system.

While it is simply an additional product to Electro-Voice’s existing Evolve line, it’s nevertheless exciting. We certainly look forward to seeing this system family to “evolve” with more great products in the coming months. Each Evolve 50M loudspeaker will cost $1,999 per unit. To learn more about the 50M, the rest of the Evolve series, or to find a list of dealers, all of that and more can be done using Electro-Voice’s website.