NAMM 2021: The Yamaha DGX-670 is a portable digital piano with lots to offer

After a very successful year of awesome products last year, Yamaha seemingly carried its confidence all year leading into NAMM 2021. This year the company reserved its first big launch for a new digital piano — the DGX-670. It contains built-in speakers which maintain portability, but don’t let that fool you into thinking low-quality. Yamaha loaded its DGX-670 machine with plenty of great voices and patterns to choose from. Here’s everything the new Yamaha DGX-670 offers piano players from features to pricing.

Yamaha DGX-670 Portable Grand

Serving as the company’s second 88-key keyboard product, the DGX-670 comes dressed to impress. Each key has the full-weighted action anyone might expect from a typical grand piano. This was accomplished using Yamaha’s Graded Hammer implementation. Where the low keys are given a heavier response, and the high keys a lighter one. Design wise, the keyboard looks very elegant and modern. Even more so when placed on its floor stand.

Not ones to skimp on software, Yamaha included a massive library of over 800 voices and styles into this piano. Featuring everything from natural-sounding acoustic pianos, to articulated brass sections. As an attempt towards making playing on the DGX-670 more fun, the company also included a select number of digital sheet music tunes. Including hit songs from artists like The Beatles and Coldplay. All of which is navigated to and throughout using the keyboard’s full-color LCD screen. Finally, users can stream their own music through each of the piano’s 10W speakers, and play along using Bluetooth.

With all of that said, it seems the DGX-670 is an ideal keyboard flexible enough to fit into any piano player’s life. For more seasoned players, it serves a great option for a more affordable and portable, yet great sounding go-to. On the other hand, it’s also an excellent option for intermediate players looking to take a step up to a digital piano that will sound great in many situations. The Yamaha DGX-670 has a market price of $1,299, and is expected to ship in February. For more information, or to find a Yamaha dealer near you once it’s out, please visit the company’s website.