Behringer teases a possible LinDrum clone design in a new video

One of the quintessential sounds across pop music in the 1980s and beyond was gifted to us with the invention of the LinnDrum. It was used to layer in the percussion on some of the biggest hits from artists like Prince, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and even Paul McCartney. Since then, it has been embraced widely by the music scene at large. However, in 1985, just 3 short years after its initial manufacturing and release, production stopped on the unit which, in turn, made its value skyrocket. Since then, it has grown into one of the most sought-after electronic instruments, and we rarely have seen other companies attempt a clone — until possibly now.

Behringer took to YouTube and posted a fun, light-hearted video in which one of its representatives used an Arturia Keystep controller, running through a Behringer Model D analog synth, and the Rhythm Designer drum machine, in an attempt to re-create the sounds used in Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” And at about 2:55 in, when the drums start coming into play, he mentions that the song uses a LinnDrum, then looks off-camera and says “I wonder if anyone’s ever going to make one of those.” This short clip is now making big waves ripple across the industry, as it makes no hesitation to strongly imply that Behringer themselves are in the works of a LinnDrum clone unit, and one that very likely would blend some more modern features and technology with the classic sound of the original. Quite possibly to its external sound bank engine which runs on cassette tape. If Behringer implements a USB-C drive or something similar into its clone, that alone could make this unit something unlike anything else available today.

Although the message seems to have been both delivered and received loud and clear, at this point, we have nothing to go on besides this brief little clip. So while we can’t say for sure that the Behringer LinnDrum clone will happen, we can at least rest easy that possible. Also, that the company is probably confident enough with its design that it was prepared to drop this teaser for us all. Of course, once we get some substantial evidence of a Behringer LinnDrum copy, we will be sure to keep you in the loop.