Plugin Alliance is offering a new “Mega Bundle” subscription-based package

Plugin Alliance Mega Bundle

The online plugin dealer, Plugin Alliance, has been breaking news over the past few months with amazing deals. But if you’re like us, and want to get your hands on as many great plugins as possible, but don’t have that kind of cash, the company has a great new option for you. Plugin Alliance has returned once again with a deal unlike any other, and have turned to a subscription-based model for access to its new “Mega Bundle.”

The Mega Bundle package is offers Plugin Alliance users access to its entire library of plugins from 28 alliance brands, putting over 100 of the best plugins money can buy right at your fingertips. This features plugins from creators like SSL, Focusrite, Brainworx, DS Audio, Sennheiser, Unfiltered Audio, Shadow Hills, Dangerous Music, and many more — all now within your reach through this new platform. Every plugin included can be downloaded as VST, AAX, and AU versions on both PC and Mac. Additionally, over 70 of them can also be used on more upscaled AAX DSP systems.

Given the fact that to purchase each of these plugins individually would cost a user several thousand dollars, likely the most shocking part of this new deal is that the Mega Bundle subscription from Plugin Alliance will cost users just $24.99 per month. And as of today, the website is also offering an even larger discount with an annual subscription plan on auto-renewal for only $249.99 per year, which offers up a savings of 17% from the monthly option. Hands down, this is an exciting new offer from Plugin Alliance, and one to hop on immediately if you are in need of great plugins at a budget. However, if you need to learn more about the Mega Bundle, or read up on the specific plugins it offers, head over to Plugin Alliance’s website, and please be sure to let us know how your mixing life changes if you decide to take advantage.