Arturia launches a huge summer sale offering 50% off of select synths and plugins

Arturia Summer Sale

If you’re a fan of Arturia products, and have been following the manufacturer a while, but haven’t quite had the funds necessary to jump on some of its most popular software synthesizers and effects plugins, you’re in a great deal of luck. Now through August 7th, everybody can take advantage of Arturia’s new “Summer Sale.” During this sale, the company is offering users 50% off a select software line of 23 legendary keyboards and nine effects plugins. The software instruments brought forward in the deal include sample engines, digital and analog synths, organs, electric keyboards, string machines and pianos.

Check out the deals for Arturia’s summer sale below.

Sample Engines

Digital Synthesizers

  • DX7 V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • CZ V – $99.50 (Original Price $199)

Analog Synthesizers

  • Jup-8 V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • ARP2600 V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • Prophet V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • Synthi V – $99.50 (Original Price $199)
  • Buchla Easel V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • Mini V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • Modular V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • CS-80 V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • SEM V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • Matrix-12 V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)


Electric Keyboards


  • Piano V – $124.50 (Original Price $249)

String Machine

  • Solina V – $74.50 (Original Price $149)

As for effects plugins, you get a series of Arturia’s best selection of Preamps, Compressors, and Filters to choose from as well, and Arturia made sure to state that this selection offers some standout effects “you’ll actually use.”


  • 1973-Pre – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • TridA-Pre – $74.50 (Original Price $149)
  • V76-Pre – $74.50 (Original Price $149)



As you can see, for a sale as big as this offering 50% off of everything you see above, it’s surely going to gain some major attention from Arturia fans across the world. If you want to learn more about Arturia in general, or the Summer Sale, be sure to visit Arturia’s website for more info before you buy. But remember, don’t wait too long, as the sale will only be continuing until the midnight (PST) before August 7th, so make sure you whip out that wallet and take advantage of it now, before it blows away with the fall wind.