Arturia releases 20th anniversary Sound Explorers limited edition box set

While the year 2020 may seem like a drag to many of us, it’s no question some companies have given us something to celebrate this year. One of those companies is none other than Arturia, for which 2020 marks its twentieth year in business. To celebrate, the beloved synth makers created a limited edition box set for us to enjoy. The set, called Sound Explorers, contains plenty of goodies that will appeal to just about every synth lover.

What’s Included

The new Sound Explorers Collection set from Arturia includes a total of four items, all of which are fairly expensive on their own.

  • Hard Drive: First up is an Arturia branded 250GB HD hard drive. This drive arrives loaded with a selection of Arturia’s most inspiring software titles, and sound packs. Of course, there will be plenty of extra room on board for users to continue to use the drive as expandable storage.
  • V Collection 7: Also included in this box set is Arturia’s popular V Collection 7 software synths. This is the manufacturer’s latest, and best collection of software recreations of some popular vintage synths. Some of the favorites within this collection include Mellotron V, Synthi V, CZ V, and the B3 V 2 organ. Of course, there’s plenty more on board aside from this — 24 to be exact!
  • FX Collection: Sound Explorers owners will also find Arturia’s ‘FX Collection’ software recreations of widely notable classic hardware effects in the mix. In total, this means a total of 15 plugins, inclusive of compressors, delays, reverbs, preamps, and filters.
  • Pigments: Each person who picks up Arturia’s Sound Explorers Collection will receive Pigments. This is Arturia’s most modernized software synth for the 21st century. It combines top notch FM, virtual analog, sampling, and granular synth engines with unlimited modulation.
  • 40 Best Selling Preset Packs: The collection caps with 40 of Arturia’s best selling collection of preset banks from the Analog Lab, and Pigments sound store.

Arturia definitely surprised us all with the Sound Explorers Collection, and what may be more surprising are its included features. Being commemorative of Arturia’s 20th year, the collection is only available for a limited time, in a tight quantity. Because of the hardware included, this also means users will only find Arturia’s Sound Explorers set in their local dealer stores. The advertised price is €599, which equates to just under $699 in the US. So with that in mind, act fast before your local dealer runs out.