DW Announces 2020 Collector’s Series Private Reserve Exotics lineup

Drum Workshop Inc, more widely known as (DW), has just announced a line of new additions to its 2020 Collector’s Series kits. Named Private Reserve Exotics, each kit differs from each other in color finish and wood type. Each one contains a 5-piece set, with different exotic woods from around the world, designed by John Good.

Reportedly, Good gradually gathered ideas for these kits while traveling the world, exploring different countries, each with woods unique to their region.

“Last year I found these logs on a very productive wood hunt,” said Good in a statement. “My wife Esther and I have the good fortune of traveling the world looking for woods that that are rarely used on musical instruments. And I have these relationships with wood purveyors that come in handy. They’ve become friends. They know what I like and they save things for me to see. These new Private Reserves are some of my very favorites.”

The DW Private Reserve Exotics kits, as part of the 2020 Collector’s Series contains the following kit finishes:

  • Tortoise Shell Pommele – A quite rare, semi-hard wood from Ghana, Africa.
  • Moabi – From Congo, known for its striking grain beauty, and unique pinkish color, due to environmental drought conditions.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Padouk – Typically only available in 6″ strips of vertical configuration, Good found a unique log from which 25″ horizontal strips could be cut.
  • Super Maple Curl – A stunning kit made from maple trees of the Michigan forest, where cold and stormy weather causes interesting figures to form in the trees’ grain.
  • Chechen – An African white wood with a striped grain.
  • Monkey Pod – Uses a wood native to Hawaii, dark and rich with golden hues.

The 2020 Collector’s Series from DW drums, definitely gets some strong new contenders in the Private Reserve Exotics kits. These all certainly look beautiful, and we can definitely see the appeal in each one to every individual. DW makes each kit from a custom order, and therefore prices are highly variable. Those ready to buy, however, can do so at the DW company website.