NAMM 2019: Arturia launches its MicroFreak experimental hybrid synthesizer

We’re not even a full 24 hours into NAMM 2019 and Arturia is taking full advantage of the 4-day event after its second major release of the weekend — the Arturia MicroFreak experimental hybrid synthesizer. This synth definitely lives in a world of its own, and was designed to reward the creative side in all of us by adding a factor of random sequences to its extensive design, and best of all — it comes at a price that anyone can afford.

The Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer comes loaded right out of the box with a whopping 192 preset slots, along with a big library of 128 presets loaded into it and ready to go. It features 11 digital oscillators at the front end for users to play with and modify to their satisfaction. The keyboard has 25 keys which are laid out on a unique poly-aftertouch flat keyboard.

It’s unclear at this point whether the keys provide some sort of touch response to let users know that their key presses are registered, but we certainly hope so — as a flat keyboard layout with no response seems like it would be slightly awkward to play on. It is likely that this design was decided on to cut costs and make the synthesizer more budget-friendly, but we believe the majority of users might be willing to spend a little more for even some actual unweighted keys.

In addition to all of this, the back-end of the MicroFreak sports an on/off switch, ports for MIDI I/O, a Clock I/O, and outputs for CV, gate, and pressure. Its main output comes in the form of a mono 1/4″ jack, and connects to your computer or DAW via USB-B cable. While this is a little bit underwhelming, granted a plethora of other products have warmly embraced the power of USB-C, it is understandable since that is likely a cost-cutter, and less important to a synthesizer as it is to audio interfaces.

All things considered, the Arturia MicroFreak synth seems to be a great new addition to the company collection, and we are sure many users will be jumping at the horn when it becomes available for purchase this spring. Speaking of price, with all of those price-reducing features included in the build, the company has affordability in mind front-and-center on the list of priorities, as it will be available for just $349. To learn more about the MicroFreak while you wait out its availability, head on over to its product page on the Arturia website.