AKAI EWI Solo is the latest electronic wind instrument you can take on-the-go

With music tech companies constantly pushing the boundaries, merging traditional instruments with electronics, it’s no doubt we’ve come very far. Recently, yet another major milestone was hit by AKAI Professional. Lately, the manufacturer known for some high-quality equipment has been delving into the world of wind instruments. For quite some time, the translation of wind instruments into electronic notes had been quite the puzzle. That is, until AKAI released its line of EWI electronic wind instruments, which effectively reproduce breath-powered notes into MIDI. Now, the company has taken this technology a step further with the AKAI EWI Solo, allowing musicians to play on-the-go.


Akai’s EWI Solo is a first of its kind instrument. It borrows from the technology of its predecessors among the EWI lineup, and adds one more requested feature, portability. The EWI Solo is the first and only instrument in the family to feature a speaker at one end, which means musicians can keep using and playing the device, wherever and whenever they want. Additionally, the device will pick up on different nuances and velocity of playing styles, repurposing them through the speaker as well. The Akai EWI Solo has an impressive battery, given all of its features, and will last for up to 12 hours of playtime on a single charge.

After they open the package for the first time, users will find more than 200 sounds pre-installed. The instrument also includes a line of basic reverb, delay, and chorus effects to apply to each sound. With that said, features such as modulation, pitch bend, and more can be triggered using other controls right on the instrument as well. The latest electronic wind instrument adapts to flute, oboe, and saxophone fingering styles, making it perfect for anyone to use. While it is not out quite yet, AKAI has made its official announcement, and says the EWI Solo will be coming very soon. Until then, read up more on the new groundbreaking instrument by visiting the AKAI website.