Orange Acoustic Pedal offers a new way to naturally amplify your guitar’s tone

Orange Amplification's Acoustic Pedal is a brand new preamp box that gives acoustic guitars the natural lift they deserve on stage.

Orange is giving away free rock guitar lessons with any purchase

Orange Amplification is now offering its Orange Foundation Rock Guitar Course to owners of any amp, cab, combo, or pedal.

Hands-On Review: Orange Terror Stamp

We had the opportunity to test out the brand new Terror Stamp footswitch amplifier from Orange at NAMM 2020, and it certainly didn't disappoint.

NAMM 2020: Orange drops new Terror Stamp miniature foot switch amplifier

At the top of the morning of NAMM 2020 day one, Orange stealth dropped a new miniature sized amplifier, that is controlled like a pedal.

Orange Reviews


"The Orange Amplifier Company was started in 1968 by Clifford Cooper in response to the burgeoning rock scene in England. His small music store was unable to secure amplifiers from the big companies, so he decided to built his own. At first he contracted Mat Mathias of Matamp to build them in his small shop, in 1970 the two cooperated on building a factory that could meet growing demand. Over the ...[Read More]