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best stereo guitar amps

Best stereo guitar amps

The stereo soundscape is one of the greatest inventions in the history of audio. That’s in no way an understatement. It revolutionized how records are made and how we listen to music. Many guitar players use a dual amp setup so that they can get the most out of stereo effects. Modulations and delays especially sound great in stereo. And it’s not just that it adds depth and dimension to the sound. Routing the signal in stereo can actually allow access to sounds and settings that wouldn’t be available in mono, even from the same pedal. But there is another way to get a stereo sound – stereo guitar amps.

These are a special type of amp that gives you the wide sound you want but from the same cabinet. It’s done by splitting the signal to different speakers. It’s not the same as the previously mentioned two amp design, but it gives you a sound all its own. Stereo guitar amps aren’t extremely common, but there are some great ones out there. Here is our list of the top five stereo guitar amps!

Best stereo guitar amp overall: Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120

roland jc-120 guitar amp
Best Stereo Guitar Amp Overall
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120
The Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 may have been around for some time, but it still easily holds its own as the best stereo guitar amplifier out there.
Stunning clean tone
Great chorus and reverb effects
Strong build
A little bulky
Built-in distortion isn’t great

Everyone knows this amp. Roland’s first foray into guitar amplification definitely made an impact. Its dual channel design offers a bright switch on each as well as 3-band EQ. But channel two is where the magic really happens. It offers distortion, not the greatest, but useable with the right setup (i.e. NOT humbuckers…), but it’s also got reverb and that gorgeous chorus/vibrato from the legendary BOSS CE-1 chorus. Channel 2 also offers the effect loop. Clearly this channel alone is what put this amp on the map.

While the original was a massive 120W of solid-state shake it now comes in 40W and 22W variations. But they all have one thing in common – glassy cleans, a great platform for pedals, and a chorus that really has yet to be topped.

Even though it’s a pretty large-size amp it is very light and comes with casters so it’s easy to roll on and off the stage and in and out of the studio.

Best boutique stereo guitar amp: Magnatone Twilighter Stereo

magnatone twilighter stereo
Best boutique stereo guitar amp
Magnatone Twilighter Stereo
The Magnatone Twilighter Stereo is built to deliver a stunning vintage tone, great design, and more.
Great build
Vintage tones
Beautiful design
Buy From

Magnatone amps have made quite a comeback, and the Twilighter is their pride and joy. This 22W 2×12” class AB combo is all-tube and recreates the golden guitar tones of the 50s with some modern twists. One of the things that sets its sound apart is Magnatone’s gorgeous tube-driven tremolo and vibrato that can be controlled with an expression pedal.

The spring reverb offers better clarity than most due to the counterwound springs. High and low sensitivity inputs allows it to work well with all kinds of pickups. Dual 8ohm outputs let you power two external cabinets. And if you want to go direct but stay in stereo there are two DI outputs.

It costs a pretty penny, but the Twilighter is boutique sexy in stereo.

Best stereo guitar amp for heavy sounds: Orange Rocker 32

orange rocker 32 stereo
Best stereo guitar amp for heavy sounds
u003cstrongu003eOrange Rocker 32u003c/strongu003e
The Orange Rocker 32 brings that iconic Orange sound to a compact form-factor, while coming at a decent price.
Great compact build
Iconic Orange sound
Heavy despite being compact

We all know how heavy Orange amps can get. With the Rocker 32 you can add a whole new dimension to this classic British sound. It’s not just for stereo, as it can also run in dual mono operation. In standard operation it runs at 30W, but it can be attenuated to 15 or 7.5W. So no matter your volume restrictions you won’t have to sacrifice tone.

This two channel monster has a preamp section runs on two 12AT7 and four 12AX7 tubes, while the power section gets all of its across-the-pond charm from the four EL84s. For speakers it sports two 10” Voice of the World Gold Labels. Inspiring the use of pedals is an effects loop that works in mono or stereo with tube buffer. Rounding everything out is the classic Orange basketweave vinyl grill cloth and clean aesthetic.

It’s ideal for heavier styles but let’s be honest – it’s an Orange. It can do it all.

Best stereo amp pedal: Walrus Audio ACS1

walrus audio acs1
Best Stereo Amp Pedal
Walrus Audio ACS1
The Walrus Audio ACS1 offers a convincing tone and a number of helpful features, all at a reasonable price.
Realistic tone
Headphones output
No manual mode

Ditch the weight and go for the floor with this little beauty that packs a lot of versatility into a compact pedal format. Powerful processing means you get 24-bit/48kHz with best-in-class conversion from the Sharc and ARM technology. Controls include 3-band EQ, gain, volume, and reverb.

Select between three amps with a switch that give you Fender Deluxe (Fullerton), Marshall Bluesbreaker (London), and Vox AC30 (Dartford). A boost switch gives you instant lead sounds and acts as a de facto second channel. It comes with six cabinet IRs with the option for users to input their very own.

It can hold three presets for quick switching between them. MIDI I/O lets you chain it with rack units. Integrating pedals will require some extras, but if you’re building a fly rig or want to go pedalboard only this is a solid start.

Best budget stereo guitar amp: Blackstar ID:Core 20 V3

blackstar id core v3
Best Budget Stereo Guitar Amp
u003cstrongu003eBlackstar ID:Core 20 V3u003c/strongu003e
The Blackstar ID: Core 20 V3 offers a great stereo amp experience without breaking the bank u002du002d plus it offers a range of awesome helpful features.
Excellent price
Great sound
Tons of helpful feature
Not as premium as some others

The stereo sound of this selection starts with two 5” speakers and is powered by Blackstar’s Super Wide Stereo technology. You can choose between six different voices that run from clean all the way to the heaviest of heavy. You can wet things up with on-board reverb, delay, and modulations with four flavors each. There are six patches to save your presets for easy recall.

The most interesting feature is in the EQ section. Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) is a one knob EQ control that can provide a range of tones. Turning it clockwise lends a British flavor, and when turned counterclockwise it’s more of an American amp style sound.

A cab rig simulator lets you do just that, with the additional option of setting virtual mic placement. The line in lets you pump your favorite tracks through it for practice or additional soundscapes. It comes in 10, 20, and 40W versions, and all of them are stereo.

Best mini stereo guitar amp: Positive Grid Spark MINI

positive grid spark mini stereo amp
Best mini stereo guitar amp
Positive Grid Spark MINI
This battery powered stereo practice amp offers a full frequency range, four preset slots, and a massive library of sounds that works great as a practice and songwriting tool.
Easily portable, battery-powered mini stereo amp
4 presets
Full 20Hz-20kHz frequency range
Massive library of amp and effects models
Not well suited for live performance
Small speakers don’t reproduce low end frequencies as well as larger models

Mini guitar amps provide a great blend of power and portability. They’re useful for practice, songwriting, and even recording at low volumes. The Spark MINI packs in over 10,000 amp and effects sounds powered by Positive Grid’s BIAS tone engine.

It offers a number of practice tools, like AI-powered backing tracks and learning resources through the Spark MINI app. You can play over loops or improvise over a jam track with next-generation ease.

When it’s time to lay down your tracks you can easily connect it to your recording rig through USB or mic up the duo of speakers in the cabinet to capture the insane amount of sounds it offers.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions people often have when considering buying a stereo guitar amp.

What is a stereo guitar amp?

A stereo guitar amplifier is a guitar amp that has two speakers, instead of one, allowing you to split your tone and create two distinct tones. Usually, you’ll connect to a stereo guitar amp through two separate inputs, so you’ll need to split your guitar signal. That, however, also means that you can run it through different pedals and other processors.

Is a stereo guitar amp better?

No, just different. Stereo guitar amps allow users to create two different tones that play at the same time — but not everyone needs or wants that.

What is the best brand of stereo guitar amp?

There is no best brand, but our favorite stereo guitar amp is from Roland.

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