Orange is giving away free rock guitar lessons with any purchase

Orange Foundation Rock Guitar Course

Orange Amplification is making it a little easier for customers to get rock guitar lessons for themselves or their children. The company, known for its long history in guitar and bass amplification, has announced that any customer who buys an amp, combo, cab, or pedal, will be able to register their product for free access to the Orange online foundation Rock Guitar Course.

The news could make it a whole lot easier to learn rock guitar. Most of the time, a lot of costs come with starting to learn a new instrument. You first have to buy the instrument and any accessories, then start paying for in-person or online lessons.

“All participants completing the Orange foundation Rock Guitar Course will acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to achieve a recognised guitar exam provided by the OnlineMusicExam platform, the world’s first accredited online guitar exams,” said Orange in an emailed statement.

The Orange Foundation Rock Guitar Course is a wonderful tool for users to really learn the essentials of rock guitar, as well as receive feedback. Those that don’t own any Orange products can still access the service online for £79.99, or around $92 here in the U.S. Additionally, anybody who currently owns a piece of Orange gear can register it and gain free access, without having to buy a new product. The course includes solo learning, online guided instruction, and even in-person options as well.

This is a nice offer coming from Orange for beginner-level musicians. The course will give many the motivational bump they need to continue learning afterwords. Different people learn in different ways, so hopefully offering a course that offers different methods for learning will encourage more musicians to expand their creative outlets. Regardless, you can learn more about Orange’s courses over at the Orange website.