The Apogee Jam+ offers studio-grade recording in a portable and user-friendly interface

Apogee Jam Plus

Those familiar with Apogee Electronics through popular products such as their ONE, Duet or line of Symphony I/O rack mount units, know them to have a signature sound and a long history of audio quality and clarity. Recently, Apogee released the Apogee Jam+ to their retailers worldwide as their newest addition of truly portable instrument interfaces.

The Apogee Jam+ serves as the latest model to its predecessor, the Jam, which initially launched across Apple stores in 2010. With upgraded technology, features, and still maintaining that crystal clear Apogee sound, the Jam+ is bound to become just as popular among its users, if not more so.


The new Jam+ comes with an effortless set-up and user-friendly controls. A simple gain knob sits at the bottom of the face, and when pushed allows the user to toggle between ‘Clean’ mode and ‘Overdrive’ mode, which models drive/distortion guitar pedals and even lets the user fine-tune their level of distortion. Just above this knob sits the ‘blend’ button. When pushed, the monitored signal can be either 100% output signal or a 50/50 mix between output and input.

As far as connections are concerned, the input consists of a standalone 1/4″ instrument input jack so that any instruments with a pick-up can be used with this unit. On the other end of the Jam+, sits an 1/8″ headphone jack for monitoring, and a micro-USB port to plug into your phone, tablet, or computer.

All purchases of the brand new Apogee Jam+, when registered, will also include an additional bundle package of Bias FX Jam Software from Positive Grid. This includes three amp simulators, six effects, and a collection of guitar pedal simulators as well.

Bias FX Jam Software

Bias FX Jam Software


The Apogee Electronics Jam+ hit the market at a retail price of just $159.99, and is available to purchase directly from the Apogee website, or at a local Apogee retailer. While it’s not quite yet available from Apogee’s Amazon store, it may well be in the near future. Go grab one today to plug in and start jamming!