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Vox VGH Series Guitar Headphones

NAMM 2021: Vox VGH series guitar amplifier headphones let you rock out on the go

Not even a couple of hours into the first day of NAMM 2021, and Vox has already made us well aware of its productive 2020. Being released alongside a new series of portable guitar amps, the company also announced another product series. This time, in the form of practice-specific amplification headphones called the VGH Series. Created for those who need to practice guitar or bass without emitting any noise whatsoever. If that sounds like your situation, a pair of cans from the new Vox VGH series might be just what you need. Here’s everything we know so far.

Vox VGH Series Guitar Amplification Headphones

Knowing there would likely be some variety to customers’ needs, Vox prepared three different types of VGH headphones. These include the VGH-AC30, VGH-Rock, and VGH-Bass. Each of these brings a unique character to the resulting tone. For instance, the VGH-AC30 serves as the ‘standard’ sounding pair, intended to model the characteristics of Vox’s popular AC30 guitar amplifier. Where those who are looking for a more accentuated tone to stand out in rock and metal situations might look towards the VGH-Rock. Finally, bass players who need a richer low end not provided by the other two models would go for the VGH-Bass. 

The headphones call upon their built-in valve reactor technology for a truly dynamic amp-like experience. To put them to use, players need only plug the 1/4″ jack running from the headphones straight into their guitar or bass. Vox also included a separate input jack on the headphones as an external aux input so the user can plug in their phone or other device and play along with their favorite tunes.

While this is a pretty simple, straightforward product from Vox, there is a definite need for a product like the VGH series. This last year, many were confined to their homes and apartments in need of a way to get a great tone when practicing without disturbing neighbors or others around them. To this degree, VGH serves an excellent purpose as we all continue to ride out this pandemic indoors. No matter what model you pick, any pair from the VGH series of headphone amps will cost just $129.99. To learn more, or find a dealer near you, head to Vox’s website to find what you need.

Jimmy Byrne

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