NAMM 2021: Vox announces Mini Go series portable amplifiers

Any guitarist out there knows the importance of frequent practice. However, many electric players living in smaller, shared spaces. Thus, commonly being asked to turn down the volume. Furthermore, while there are good practice amps out there, they all seem to lack an element of power. At the kickoff of NAMM 2021, Vox Amplification took the opportunity to announce its new line of portable guitar amplifiers, the Vox Mini Go series. 

Vox Mini Go Series Amplifiers

Knowing there would be a variety of situations and needs for its players, Vox created three options in this new amp family. These are the Vox Mini Go 3, Mini Go 10, and Mini Go 50. The numbers, as you may have already guessed, refer to each amp’s wattage. Additionally, the speaker size of your amp will also depend on the model. The Mini Go 3 has a 5″ speaker, the 10 has a 6.5″ speaker, and the Mini Go 50’s speaker is 8″. All three models come with a microphone input jack, with a built-in optional vocoder effect at the ready. All three units contain 33 unique rhythms to play along with, as well as 11 amp models and 6 effects to choose from. 

Another great feature that users of the Mini Go 10 and Mini Go 50 can enjoy, is its installed looper function. This allows for up to 40 seconds of loop time — allowing players to build, and jam with themselves during practice. Vox also created a three-button foot switch that can be used with the two larger amps. Allowing users to select presets, start/stop a loop function, or switch between effects all using their feet.

In order to accomodate those who may not want a foot switch, Vox created packages including or dis-including the accessory. The Vox Mini Go 3 has a market price of $239.99, the Mini Go 10 is $312.99 or $372.99 with the foot switch. Finally, the Mini Go 50 is available for either $409.99, or $467.99 with the foot switch. To learn more about the Mini Go Series from Vox Amplification, or to locate your closest dealer, check out Vox’s website.