NAMM 2021: Yamaha expands YC61 Stage Keyboard into YC73 and YC88 models

We’ve barely begun the virtual NAMM 2021 / Believe in Music event, and companies are already quickly announcing new products. One of those companies is Yamaha, who just announced expanded models of its YC61 Stage Keyboard. Of course, there’s no question as to why. Its packed system of keyboard and organ engines with advanced touch technologies created an outstanding need for larger versions. Thus, Yamaha has just announced the YC73, and YC88. Expanded into 73, and 88 set key-beds, respectively. Here’s why we’re excited about the added YC Stage Keyboard models.

Yamaha YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboard

Internally, the core features from Yamaha’s original YC61 will stay as they are in these two new options. Some of these features include a 3-part, massive sound engine. This drives the heart of the now YC family keyboards. Including acoustic piano sounds, electric key voices, and a fully-customizable organ patch. The latter of which calls on the YC keyboard’s set of nine drawbars to edit an organ tone to one’s exact specifications.

Seemingly to some, the newly introduced YC73 and YC88 Stage Keyboards may simply add expanded key options. However, there is one other major difference between all three models in the YC lineup, feel and touch. Because of its more limited key-range and newly-introduced organ, the YC61 was an ideal model for Yamaha’s waterfall feel. Making it authentic to the organ experience with unweighted keys. However, Yamaha’s newest models individually offer different touch experience options to users. The newly-introduced YC73 unit offers a weighted, and balanced electric piano action that some may expect from a semi-full set of keys. Finally, the YC88 with its full arsenal is made of natural wood, providing the weight and response of a grand piano.

Yamaha definitely shocked us with this early announcement around its new YC models, but one that is definitely welcome. Since the massive success of the YC61, it was a predictable next step to offer the same features in unique, and larger packages. Price wise, the new additions sport a market price of $2,999 for the YC73, and $3,499 for the YC88. To learn more about the specifics of each, or to find a list of Yamaha dealers near you, follow this link to the company website.