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M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series

M-Audio Oxygen Pro controllers add new features to a fan favorite

For users in search of good quality gear, while running a tight budget, M-Audio products have long been top contenders. Today, this statement still remains quite true. Many times, units such as the M-Audio Axiom, or Oxygen series MIDI controllers are some of the first pieces of gear one will turn to. Now, M-Audio decided to take its already popular Oxygen series controllers, and expand upon it. The resulting line is the new M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series of MIDI Controllers. Offering four sizes, each housing an impressive amount of components. Here’s everything we know so far about the new Oxygen Pro series.

M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series MIDI Controllers

The Oxygen Pro Series, as mentioned before, comes in four variations. Including the Oxygen Pro 61, 49, and 25 key options. Alternately one can consider the new Oxygen Pro Mini — a 32-key controller, inside of a more miniature housing than the rest. Regardless of what you pick, the Oxygen series comes dressed to impress. The three larger-format options each come with an array of 16 drum pads. These are color-LED illuminated, and assignable, allowing for an easier visual reference when in use. Worry not though, users who pick up the Mini will still get eight pads to work with.

All four controllers includes a small screen to scroll through and select internal functions. Additionally, M-Audio equipped all four units with a DAW control section, already set up to seamlessly connect to and control most commonly used DAWs. On the back end, we see the series of connectors commonly seen among M-Audio products. A USB-B port for instant computer connectivity, a sustain input, and a power switch. However, those who purchase the Oxygen Pro 25, 49, or 61 will also have the included option for a MIDI cable.

Overall, we’re excited to see M-Audio made the decision to revisit its already popular Oxygen controllers. This time around, its added features and slight visual makeover will likely impress many first-time MIDI controller buyers. Anybody interested in learning more about the M-Audio Oxygen Pro series or any other current products can do so here, on M-Audio’s website. Those who feel they’ve read enough, and are ready to pounce on an Oxygen Pro controller for themselves can find a list of worldwide dealers here.

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